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4x4 tracks / roads in Denmark

: ons 7. jun 2017 15:14
af 4x4fan
Hi All!

I'm from the Netherlands and we have a 4x4 campervan. We always like to go offroad on the holidays.
Now we will visit Denmark, so I am looking into the options of offroad driving or greenlaning in Denmark.
Okay Denmark doesn't have hills, but I think there is already more to do than in Holland (which is even more flat :D )

I read about driving on the beaches which is nice and also convenient. But I don't read much about tracks to drive?
I can image there are not so many tracks to drive in Denmark, but there must be some?

We also may visit Blavand. Is it still allowed to drive on the beach there?
And I noticed a lot of sand tracks in the dunes of Blavand, is that legal to drive or is that protected nature area?

Also, if I'm right, it is not allowed to do bushcamping / wild camping right? With a campervan you should always visit a campsite?

Thank you in advance.

Re: 4x4 tracks / roads in Denmark

: tors 8. jun 2017 13:43
af 618Henrik
unfortunately there is not much greenlaning to do in Denmark.
Depends a little which part of Denmark your are planning to visit. But to get answers about Jylland maybe ask in forum

Bush camping is allowed in about 200 different woods, but only in small tents.

Re: 4x4 tracks / roads in Denmark

: tors 8. jun 2017 15:01
af 4x4fan
Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the answer. I did not expect Denmark to have much offroad tracks, similar to Holland. But I thought maybe more is possible.
I will check it, thanks.
I have a Toyota Hiace 4x4 so I guess they allow me at the forum :D (I had a BJ45 before)