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new here :) introduction

: ons 20. jan 2016 03:33
hello all here,
i would like to introduce myself here.
my name is john and i am from Holland , i moved to Denmark about 5 years ago and live in ballerup.

(i can read and speak danish but my writing is so bad even i can't read it so forgive me for writing in English but please answer in danish :) )

i have been driving 4x4 for the past 10 years but do to my move i could not realy find a club or forum in dk that is active untill i found this forum.
my car is a Nissan patrol 260 that i build as a army type vehicle at the moment that i use to go greenlaning here and there or find the occasional highway construction site in and arround sjæland , have seen a few modified 4x4's on the road but never been to a event in DK so far
i hope to meet some new people and be able to drive with other 4x4's

mvh john feikens

Re: new here :) introduction

: tors 21. jan 2016 08:29
af Toyota 4ever
Hello John,

Welcome to our site, it is not the most active site we got, but in our club we do strive to have an event at least once a month, and we do actually have an event this saturday the 23rd, not far from u, so if ur interested come by and have a chat and show us what u got ;)
the adress is store havelsevej 162, ølsted.
If u can't make just look under Kaldender, there we will be posting updatees on new events, as soon as we get them arranged.


Re: new here :) introduction

: tors 21. jan 2016 09:49
hello jacob , nice to meet you.
unfortunately i have to work this Saturday , but thank you for the offer :)
but please answer in danish , its me who cant write it so well but reading and speaking is not a problem here